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Electric Motor Repair Kansas City, Electric Motor Sales Kansas City


We are proud to be family owned and operated for over 100 years. It's been remarkable journey so far and we look forward to continuing to evolve and adapt with industry for years to come.

Independent Electric Through the Decades 

1908 - Independent Electric was founded by John Launder in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. He purchased a small business called Used Machinery Company, changed the name and hired his first employee. 

1920s - IEMCO handled replacement items for crystal set radios and electric automobiles. We moved to 300 Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri in 1929. Deliveries were made by horse and wagon and the horses were stabled in the basement. 

1930s - One of the thousands of generators IEMCO built was used for lighting baseball fields at night. The famous Kansas City Monarchs baseball team used this generator to light up their games at home and on the road. 

1940s - IEMCO did our part in helping with the war effort by manufacturing electric motors for the United States Navy and performed high priority work for the defense industries. 

1950s - The Kansas City area has had its share of devasting floods throughout its history. Independent Electric has been right there to help industry recover. One of the most significant of these floods occurred in 1951. IEMCO helped repair welders and flooded electric motors. 

1960s - Under the leadership of Jack Launder, Independent Electric purchased several buildings in the Southwest Boulevard area of Kansas City, Missouri to accommodate its expanding service and retail operations. At one point, IEMCO was operating out of 5 buildings. This aggressive strategy of purchasing real estate is rumored to have earned him the nickname of the "Baron of the Boulevard." 

1970s - Developed the super counter approach to merchandising. A 2,000 square foot showroom was stocked with a wide variety of electro-mechanical parts essential to industry. The idea was that customers who knew what they needed could shop for their items, like in a grocery store, without the need to wait for an expert salesman. 

1980s - In 1985, IEMCO started expansion to surrounding cities in the Midwest. Today, Independent Electric has 6 locations across Kansas and Missouri. 

1990s - Expanded service offerings to include switchgear testing and repair. This was the start of what is now offered under Independent Electric's switchgear services and circuit breaker maintenance department. 

2000s - Under the leadership of David Launder, IEMCO undertook construction of a new facility for its headquarters in Kansas City. The move to the new facility was completed October 2, 2000. 

2010s - Embracing and implementing new technologies in motor and electrical distribution equipment testing to help customers avoid premature and catastrophic failures. 

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