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Independant Electric Machinery Company | Serving Industry for over 100 years, Since 1908
Independant Electric Machinery Company | Serving Industry for over 100 years, Since 1908
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Traction Motor Repair

Independent Electric's railroad traction motor repair service incorporates a thorough inspection of the motor and all its individual parts. Physical damage, such as wear and distortion, is readily identified and dealt with. Electrical and core loss testing is also used to determine what the problem is. Independent Electric's repairs includes replacing worn or damaged parts, including seals, gaskets, and bearings. We also balance the armature and do a test run of the motor with no load. Our dedicated and highly experienced staff utilizes state of the art technology and expertise to bring your railroad traction motor back to OEM specifications or better.


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EASA Certified

Industries Served


Services Provided

  • Disassemble motor
  • Clean all parts
  • Inspect all metal parts for distortion and wear
  • Electrical test the armature and field coils (Surge test and ground test)
  • Core loss test the armature
  • VPI
  • Turn, undercut, and balance the armature
  • Test the armature and field coils after VPI
  • New brushes
  • New bearings
  • Rebuilt brush holders
  • New seals and gaskets
  • New hardware
  • Balance armature
  • Run test the motor under no load condition. Load testing is not requested, but is available for an additional cost if required.
  • Check the running vibration on the assembled motor
  • Paint the motor

  • Electrical Products for Sale


    Amprobe- meters
    ANR- contacts
    Bell & Gossett- pumps
    Bussman- fuses
    Chromalox- heaters & control
    Cord & Cable
    CRC- cleaners, paints
    Helwig- motor brushes
    LPS- cleaners, paints
    Overly Hautz- motor bases
    Potter Brumfield- relays
    Symco- motor/pump savers
    Winco- generators
    Zenith- transfer switches


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