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Independent Electric Machinery Company | Serving Industry for over 100 years, Since 1908
Independent Electric Machinery Company | Serving Industry for over 100 years, Since 1908
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DC / AC Motor Repair

Independent Electric's DC / AC Motor Repair Services provides maximum response and quick turnaround times. Our extensive facilities includes a fully equipped, in-house machine shop, as well as top-of-the-line equipment for full motor support. Our services include:
  • DC and AC Motor Repair
  • Mechanical and Electrical Motor Testing
  • Motor Rewind
  • Motor Balancing
Independent's staff is comprised of top quality mechanics and machinists with many years of experience and a dedication to providing quality service in a timely manner.


Switchgear Services and Repair

Switchgear repair and maintennance is vitally important to electrical safety. Independent Electric offers extensive experience in switchgear repair, unparalleled technological expertise, and total dedication to ensuring all switchgears meet or exceed OEM specifications. We provide on-site and in-shop services, which include lubricating, testing, rebuilding and converting circuit breakers, relay testing, thermograph surveys, and sales/rental of breakers.


Crane / Hoist Service and Inspection

Independent Electric offers expert hoist and crane inspections to help you fulfill OSHA's requirements. Moreover, we can spot subtle problems before they become serious safety issues. Independent Electric provides highly trained technicians who are able to repair your equipment on-site. If it is more convenient, you can send in the equipment for in-shop repair. In addition to being a Master Parts Depot for Columbus McKinnon, we also stock a number of other manufacturer's replacement parts allowing us to better serve and minimize downtime.


Motor Balance and Alignment

Balance and Alignment services at Independent Electric gets your motor running smoothly. With a balance capacity of 10,000 lbs, Thermograph-Infrared scanners and a host of other equipment, our highly trained employees test many aspects of your motor system, which include Commutator Profiling, motor winding and vibration analysis. We also repair, modify and retrofit motor controls where necessary. To ensure your motor runs problem free for the longest period of time, Independent Electric also offers Predictive Maintenance Programs which are designed to minimize repair costs and maximize savings.


Welder / Generator Repair

Welder Repair
Independent Eiectric provides quality welder repair of various makes and models. Our repair services can be applied to - engine drives (gas, diesel and propane), electric welders, plasma cutters, wire feeders, track burners, guns, tig torches and foot controls.

We pride ourselves in providing superior service. Our highly experienced staff works closely with our customers to make sure they get the quality service they deserve and we do our best to keep them informed and satisfied.

Independent Electric provides not only in-shop and on-site repairs, we will also search the globe to locate "hard to find" and obsolete parts.

Generator Repair
Independent Electric provides sales, service, and planned maintenance for major generator systems from leading manufacturers. We serve commercial, industrial, and governmental / institutional markets.
  • Skilled technicians
  • 24 hour/365 day service
  • Customer references available
  • Parts in stock

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    Traction Motor Repair

    Independent Electric's railroad traction motor repair service incorporates a thorough inspection of the motor and all its individual parts. Physical damage, such as wear and distortion, is readily identified and dealt with. Electrical and core loss testing is also used to determine what the problem is. Independent Electric's repairs includes replacing worn or damaged parts, including seals, gaskets, and bearings. We also balance the armature and do a test run of the motor with no load. Our dedicated and highly experienced staff utilizes state of the art technology and expertise to bring your motor back to OEM specifications or better.